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By: Connor Lenahan

Look, I’ve never been upset with being in Boston. That might change tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to have to go to work half a mile from my room. The problem with this is that the wind chill tomorrow would have the temperature for this excursion at a crispy -23. Negative twenty-three. That’s not okay. That’s torture. I will most likely be able to snap my ears off like a Kit Kat when I arrive in the office tomorrow.

Sully and Mike visited the Arctic and stayed with the Abominable Snowman and they still will be warmer than I will be tomorrow.


I’m frightened of the cold. I don’t wanna. Where’s my mommy? I don’t wanna go to school tomorrow. I wanna just cuddle up in my bed and forget that it will be cold enough to turn me into a snowman tomorrow.