Any Day Now


By: Connor Lenahan

On New Year’s Day we got “Only One.” Now it appears as if we are due for more Kanye music. Pitchfork reported earlier today that Kanye took the stage at a music industry event last night and things got fun. Kanye told stories about lewd questions he had posed to Paul McCartney, sang “Only One” a cappella, and then did what everyone hoped he would – played new music.

Specifically a new duet with Rihanna. That wasn’t a typo. I would do just about anything to hear this.

I’m officially convinced that Kanye is going to drop this song, and maybe the album, at any point now. When he released Yeezus there was about a month of buildup. That was it. He’s set a precedent for this kind of quick announcement.

But here’s what I love: Kanye West, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean. Those are four people that will be releasing new albums this year. That is far – far – from a comprehensive list. But I love all four of them. Kanye news is just the most recent, but in reality we are all just awaiting a huge year of releases.

Any day now guys.