Ted 2


By: Connor Lenahan

Let me start by saying that if you claim not to be excited for Ted 2 you are lying. I do not accept liars in my zone, so would you kindly exit my zone?

The first trailer for the follow up to 2011’s Ted came out today and looks pretty much exactly like what I thought it would. But this isn’t a bad thing. I’m not looking for a film that’s going to change the way I look at Human-Teddy-Bear relations, I just want to giggle like a teenager for a few hours. Is that so much to ask? For as much time as I like to spend watching movies that contend at the Oscars for accolades I like to just turn my brain off and enjoy something ridiculous. In a few months I’ll watch a teddy bear goof around with Mark Wahlberg in the same city in which I live – My dorm is actually in this trailer. Is that so much to ask? I say no.