By: Connor Lenahan

I’ve been watching football for a while now. I have also been able to watch during what is most likely the peak for athleticism for NFL players. There are players now that are more mind-blowingly gifted with athletic prowess than anyone ever before throughout the course of history. Rob Gronkowski is one of those players.

In the decade plus of my watching the NFL I have never seen a player that can change the entire outlook of a game quite like how Gronkowski can. Adrian Peterson, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Marshawn Lynch are three of the biggest game changing running backs that I’ve lived through, but none of those three could make the game completely change on whether or not they were healthy the way Gronkowski could/does. In fact, if Gronkowski wasn’t injured during the last Super Bowl the Patriots played a few years ago then not only do the Patriots win, but they decimate the Giants. No contest.

Even with Seattle’s defense, especially with regards to passing defense, being the best in the game I’m still searching for an answer for how they stop Gronkowski. It’ll probably be Kam Chancellor, maybe Bobby Wagner, hell even Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas. He’s the single most horrifying player tomorrow night that isn’t either quarterback.

If New England is going to win tomorrow night, you better believe it’ll be because Tom Brady will be looking for #87 a lot.