Scout Grows Up


By: Connor Lenahan

Well I don’t think anyone saw this coming. News came from every media source imaginable that Harper Lee, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird, will be releasing her second novel this year. Lee is notable for becoming a literary legend for only one book. This helps when that singular work is quite possibly the best ever penned. It’s the best I’ve ever read, that’s almost without question. This story remains one of the greatest works of any art form that I have ever experienced.

So the question I had immediately upon hearing the news was what the book was going to be. Was this going to be a new book that Lee wrote this year/in the recent past? Lee is well into her eighties. The prospect of this book did not seem exciting. However, much to my delight, the book was revealed to be a manuscript that has been kept safe for longer than both of my parents have been alive. Even better, the book’s main character is an adult Scout Finch.

This sounds amazing. The New York Times has more on the story, but I’m already sold. Lee has as close to a perfect literary track record as anyone in history. She would deserve the benefit of the doubt in any year after gifting the world To Kill a Mockingbird. 2015 remains to be one of the most unpredictable pop culture years ever. We have a new Harper Lee novel on the way and it’s only February. This is going to be a fun year.