Missing Tracy Morgan


By: Connor Lenahan

Recently I’ve spent my time trapped inside by snow rewetting 30 Rock30 Rock is, was, and forever will be one of the funniest shows that has ever aired on television. I also spent this past weekend’s blizzard watching the 40th anniversary special for Saturday Night Live, the spiritual father to 30 Rock. Both shows are definitive pieces in comedy history. Tracy Morgan was a key piece to both. He was an SNL cast member from 1996-2003, and played Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock from 2006-2013. He is a comedic force of nature and one of the funniest souls on the planet.

Recently, and especially on Sunday, he was in my mind as he was not at the SNL 40 special. That’s because last year Tracy was badly injured in a car accident that has now left the world unsure whether or not it will get to have more Tracy Morgan performances to cherish. There was a touching tribute by Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey on the program. But it just wasn’t the same without his energy there.

Tracy Morgan is still around and that is nothing short of a blessing given the accident he was in. I’m convinced that one day in the near future he will be back to entertaining millions. It’s what he does best. But in the mean time we can remember how amazing he was as Tracy Jordan.

Get well soon Tracy.