The Steph Curry Show


By: Connor Lenahan

Today is my brother Chase’s birthday. I wrote about him last year in one of my favorite pieces I’ve put on Unbreakable here. I wanted to take this moment to publicly thank Chase for his gift to me this past Christmas, which will finally arrive tomorrow evening. Chase got me tickets to go see the Boston Celtics play the Golden State Warriors at the TD Garden. This means Chase got me tickets to go watch the Stephen Curry show in person.

Curry is, without a doubt, one of the four or five best players in the NBA today. He is also the most entertaining offensive player in the league from a pure unbelievability standpoint (Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are next on this list). Curry has made a name for himself for being the most unstoppable offensive force at the point guard position. He’s an unreal player. Someone that just makes you shake your head and giggle. I haven’t been to an NBA game in a while now, but Chase is well aware of my love for Steph, especially for when we play NBA 2K15 at home. Tomorrow I get to witness him potentially drop 50+ on the Celtics. It really isn’t that far out of the question. It’s basically Christmas Eve. Thank you Chase. And thank you Steph Curry.