Flores Vs. Azalea


By: Connor Lenahan

Ladies and gentelmen, your winner for “Most Unlikely Person to Inspire an Article on Unbreakable” for 2015 is ESPN’s Robert Flores, who said the following on SportsCenter last night:

I’ve watched that singular clip between five and forty times today. I’m still speechless over it. Wait, does laughing in awe and glee make it “speechless”? Still I’m just in absolute disbelief that Flores would take this haymaker shot at Iggy Azalea. I also think it’s straight up hilarious. I don’t even have proper words to react to this other than excitedly standing up and pointing at my screen while my other hand closes my mouth. This is dropping bombs. I expect this from Kendrick Lamar, not Robert Flores.

Not to self, do not mess with Flores. He is the man.

I just want to leave this here so that months from now we can all remember this happened and get this glorious anchor a raise.