Badji Goes Pro


By: Connor Lenahan

It’s an absolute honor, and quite honestly the coolest thing I can think of, to look at the photo above and see what’s there. Pictured is Boston University’s own Dominique Badji. Dom played for Boston University recently. That is to say it was only a matter of months ago that he finished his senior season with the Terriers. I got to announce him a few times this year and he and I became friends over the summer. I was blown away getting to watch the guy too. Dom is one of the more gifted athletic talents that I have ever gotten to know. No game was ever without hope as long as he was in it. Trust me, the guy was a next level force.

In fact, that’s exactly what he was. Shortly after winning the Patriot League Offensive Player of the Year award for his senior season, Dom was picked by the Colorado Rapids in the MLS Draft. Every single person I knew who worked with BU Soccer had the same hope, the hope that Dom would make the team and become a total and complete pro soccer player. Just yesterday we got the news.

Dominique Badji is the newest member of the Colorado Rapids. A guy who is beyond kind and beyond hard working, someone who couldn’t deserve success any more, has finally made it. To quote the man himself, this is the “greatest day of [his] life.” It’s an amazing day for all of us back in Boston too. We get to watch another one of our own go on and succeed at the highest levels of life. Dom is nothing short of an inspiration. It’s an honor to get to call him a friend as well.

Now, where can I get a jersey?