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By: Connor Lenahan

Last summer I got a message from Brittney Badduke with a proposition for a project. She wanted to enter, along with her friends Christina Beiene and Kaley Roberts, the NESN Next short film contest. The contest would have the trio of girls film a short documentary in which I would be the main subject. I immediately agreed because the girls seemed beyond nice.

I was proven right time and time again. We worked on the project together over the last couple of months, doing planning and interviews, and finally got the completed project up online just yesterday. What made me happy about this is that this means that the trio is in the finals for the contest. I want nothing more than for them to win this whole thing.

I was happy with the project because through doing it I was able to become good friends with Brittney, Christina, and Kaley. Those three are beyond amazing. The hard work they put in to trying to do this video and do it well is something that sets a high standard.

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The video is here. Please go watch and support the girls and I by clicking the vote link below the video. It’s incredibly touching to me that these three not only thought of me as a subject, but were kind to my friends and I, as well as did a beautiful job telling the story of how things have gone well for me despite some special circumstances with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. These three, all students in the Boston University COM department along with me, make me proud of my school for selecting some amazing, dedicated, kind, and talented individuals to represent the Terriers. This is a true gift to get to work with Brittney, Christina, and Kaley on the first of what will certainly be many terrific projects to come.

Thank you girls for giving me the most delightful experience and consideration, and for allowing me to have fun with this alongside you all. And thank you for voting for the video!