Unbreakable Bracket Pool


By: Connor Lenahan

Well it’s that glorious time of year yet again ladies and gentlemen. The NCAA Tournament is upon us and this means that between now and April 6th we get to enjoy a crazy amount of basketball. The best part about this obviously being that games will be running just about all day this weekend. Seriously, I may as well be born in late March because this is essentially what I want for my birthday permanently.

This year I decided to open up a little something in the spirit of friendly competition here at Unbreakable. This meaning: I didn’t have any other ideas and figured “Well, this will cover me for a while.” Seriously, every day for 15 months is hard, man.

This year I have a bracket pool, hosted on ESPN through their Tournament Challenge, both for fun and to make the tournament more exciting. The winner of the bracket pool will end up getting a collection of the goofiest treasures I can think of/find as well as getting recognized as the Unbreakable Bracket Pool champion for 2015 in a post dedicated to them. Yes, it will be as over the top as possible.

Come play just for fun, beat some familiar faces from Unbreakable, and potentially end up winning candy and a post in your honor all for the low, low price of free.

If you want to play in the Unbreakable Bracket Pool click anywhere on this line.

Best of luck, and go Kentucky.