National Puppy Day


By: Connor Lenahan

National Puppy Day is one of our best holidays. Seriously, I already spend a great deal of my day looking at pictures of puppies. When I can look at them all day and claim a serious (well, semi-serious) reason for it then this is a great day. It’s also a chance to give a shoutout to my puppy, Candy Bob, who is almost certainly lying down watching TV in our living room back home in Waverly. He and I are kindred spirits in this aspect, we share a favorite activity. He’s cuddly when he wants to be and snuggly at all other points. He is a diva but will also bring you a present to the door when you show up to our house. He is the best among us. A true hero. Thank you for your serve Candy Bob, today we salute you. Good boy.