Frozen Four Bound


By: Connor Lenahan

Two games. That’s it. Two games.

All year long there have been whispers and talks about what the Boston University Men’s Hockey Team would be capable of. All year long there would be suggestions that maybe this year would be one to remember for students, players, and coaches alike. Everyone, whether they admitted it or not, had the same thought in their mind: With this year’s Frozen Four being played in our backyard, BU was going to try to win their 6th national title at home.

Now it’s gone from whispers to cheers. Now it’s become real. Tonight the Terriers beat Minnesota Duluth to earn a berth in the Frozen Four, the 22nd in school history. No more wondering. Now it’s time to close this season out right. The Terriers already took home the Beanpot and Hockey East titles, why not the grand prize as well? Two games, that’s all it’s going to take.

April 9th and 11th. Those are two dates to have mentally marked off for something special. The former being the Frozen Four game and the latter the national championship. Why not us? If there’s any team in the country that could pull off two back-to-back wins under pressure, its Boston University.

Now is the time. Now is when this goes from being a fun season to a legendary one. The Terriers are coming home, and the title is almost ours.