Naming Rights


By: Connor Lenahan

The Boston University School of Management is no more. As of this morning it has officially be rechristened the Questrom School of Business. This is because Allen Questrom, a BU alum who has gone on to be a corporate heavyweight, running companies like Macy’s and Walmart, donated $50 million dollars along with his wife Kelli to the University. The change was sudden. As in, extremely sudden. Only last night did my suite mates and I get word that come this morning the school in which at least half of our suite resides/plans to spend their academic career would have a brand new name. No more SMG. Now it’s the QSB. It will probably be a while until the acronym can formally be placed into the BU consciousness.

That wouldn’t be without precedent. Just this past summer I lived in Kilachand Hall on Bay State Road. Only every member of the classes ahead of me knows it as Shelton Hall, its now former name. Kilachand Hall only came to gain its new name after a sizable donation from Rajen Kilachand gave the Honors College his name. BU, at least in recent memory, has had some fun with renaming things.

Look, I am not anyone to be arguing with donations, especially eight figure donations, coming into my school. Kilachand and the Questroms donated $75 million between them for the school and got a reward in their names being honored on campus. That’s not bad by any means.

What also wouldn’t be bad was if that combined donation grew to be $75,000,100. That’s right. I’m throwing my hat into the naming rights ring. Why you ask? Because I like balloons and honor ceremonies. Who cares if all that money will afford me is to name one of the tables in a dining hall? I certainly don’t. If it’ll be met, I would love to rename the College of Communication, my home school, the Connor Lenahan College of Communication and International House of Pancakes. This is obviously because I would like to look after my fellow COM students and get something fresh off the griddle before every lecture I have. Find a single flaw with this plan – I dare you. If this is deemed successful I would also drop another $20 to establish the Lenahan Mobile Cupcakery – a student on a bicycle delivering cupcakes to wherever I am on campus. It’s all for a good cause – providing tasty snacks to the students of Boston University.

I probably won’t be able to outbid John Hancock for the naming rights for StuVi, but in case any university officials might be reading right now, just know that my proposal would include a Taco Bar in the lobby. I’m just saying. My opening offer would be Three fiddy, but I’m willing to be flexible in the name of said taco bar.

My name will live on. Let’s get this done. Come up with your own suggestions for what should be named/turned into a snack bar on campus. I will personally back your campaign.

Picture Credits: Dan Leary