Late Night Cafe



By: Connor Lenahan

One of the best things that Boston University has to offer is the Late Night eatery in Warren Towers. I’m talking about this being one of the best parts of BU as a whole. I mean that you could and should make a convincing case that the advantages of BU include 1. Being in the city of Boston, 2. The BU Platter. After that what matters? We have the BU Platter.

What is it you ask? Try a serving of chicken fingers surrounded by mozzarella sticks and curly fries between the hours of 9:30PM-1AM every day. If you think that sounds amazing then you are correct. If you are not salivating at the thought of such a dinner then you must be Canadian. The BU Platter, like the Bald Eagle before it, is a sign of American awesomeness. Except no one gets mad when I eat the former. How many times must I apologize for that, really?

I am on my way to consume some late night food immediately after publishing this article. The weather has finally allowed me to return back to my former home, Warren Towers, and consume some delicious food while watching Community. This really is an amazing place.

On the off chance that you haven’t been to Late Night yet – WHY? Everyone else knows what a magical, wonderful place it is. I apologize to the delicious food and the dedicated hands making it for not honoring them earlier on Unbreakable. I love you. Never leave me. And I need more fries.