Guitar Hero Live


By: Connor Lenahan

My brothers grew up loving games like Halo and Call of Duty. For whatever reason, I was and currently still am awful at them. Despite the fact I am physically handicapped with Osteogenesis Imperfecta to the degree that I’ll never have to serve in any form of military, my service would be canceled based on the fact I couldn’t kill anyone on the virtual battlefield even if I tried. Instead I found that I was oddly good at music games. Specifically Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I described my admiration for the latter a few months ago when news broke that Harmonix would be releasing Rock Band 4. Just today it was announced that Guitar Hero would be back for its first game in years.

The game now takes place in the first person. You will see the crowd you are playing to. Admittedly this is awesome. The fact that the crowds are comprised of actual people only serves to multiply that awesomeness. You will feel like a genuine rock star. That’s why I play these games at all.

The major change is to the guitar controller. It’s no longer the five colored button set up that I mastered while in middle school. Now it’s six buttons, but only three frets.


For the first time in years you will actually need to relearn how to play this fictional instrument. That, admittedly, shocked and frightened me at first. I immediately considered myself out on the game, given that I can go home and jump back into Rock Band at any point without thinking about it. However, the idea of having to relearn a game that I love is exciting. Plus it means that we get another Guitar Hero. You know what? Count me in. I’ll at least try. This is going to be a fun fall. Guitar Hero Live is coming in late 2015.