Frozen Burrito


By: Connor Lenahan

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a drill. This coming Monday Ben and Jerry’s will be debuting a new offering at their stores. At last the worlds of ice cream and Mexican food collide. Our long national nightmare is finally over. We have the Brrr-ito.

Despite what might be the craziest, or potentially greatest, name in culinary history, you will be able to order and consume a waffle shell with ice cream of your choosing. That’s right, similar to how you can custom order at Chipotle for whether or not you want steak or carnitas in your burrito, you can choose to put Chubby Hubby or Phish Food in your Brrr-ito. This is more reason to believe that Ben and Jerry’s is the single best company in the universe.

Seriously, one day they are giving away free scoops to the city of Boston, the next they are redefining the way we eat ice cream. Tomorrow? They’ll probably cure world hunger or invent time travel. I don’t know, all that I can say for sure is that it’ll be delicious. Bless you Ben and Jerry’s. In the words of the philosopher Durant, “You the real MVP.”