Matt Pettinato, Unbreakable Tournament Champion


By: Connor Lenahan

Weeks ago I opened up a competition on Unbreakable for the NCAA Tournament. I promised the winner an article in their honor here on the site. I didn’t forget. Instead, I waited until today because the winner, my buddy Matt Pettinato, also celebrates his birthday today. Matt Pettinato may be a familiar name to readers as he has been the coach of the Philadelphia Panthers of the XFL for the past few years.

Matt was lucky enough smart enough to put Michigan State in his Final Four alongside Kentucky, Duke, and Arizona. Despite the fact he had Arizona winning, and that no one in the Unbreakable bracket pool got the champion correct, Matt came away as the winner for 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.02.37 PM

Matt is one of the more interesting people I know because he’s totally and completely crazy. Thankfully he’s not the type of crazy that wants to plot for world domination or anything. Rather, he’s the type of crazy that will hang out with our group of friends and suggest we go to the Dairy Queen – located a 40 minute drive away – at 3:30AM on a weekday. He’s the fun type of crazy. He’s an interesting spark to have around. This is why the fantasy football draft is always amazing – Matt is goofy enough to set everything off of the typical path. He makes life more interesting.

Congrats to Matt and a very happy birthday to this nutcase. Additionally, a very happy birthday to his twin brother Mike, one of the most absurdly smart people I ever met. That’s right – there are two of them.