Two Big Essays Away


By: Connor Lenahan

This week will be more or less the most difficult of the entire semester for me. I am lucky in comparison to the rest of my friends in that I only have one final exam to take. That exam isn’t for more than a week and I will receive the questions to it before hand. That doesn’t concern me.

What does concern me, at least in the aspect that my fingers will fall off, is that I have two final papers due this week. Combined they will be at least 27 pages long. That was no typo, and yes those are my sobs you hear. I have the papers set. At least one of them will be published on Unbreakable later this week. I am absolutely convinced that I will need massive rest and relaxation after these next few days.

Just a heads up, I’m probably going to be going light this week on Unbreakable. There will still be posts, but my attention will be elsewhere. Stay with me and this summer there will be more of the same craziness as always. Gotta take care of class and then have some fun.

Let’s do this. Team on three.