Songs of the Week 4/26-5/2


By: Connor Lenahan

Just in the last few minutes I put the finishing touches of formatting and editing on my last final paper. You are most likely standing in a small flood right now if you are in Boston. That’s stemming from the tears of joy I am weeping currently. This was roughly one of the most stressful weeks on record. But it’s finally done. Now I get to go see Avengers in peace and get ready for the final push towards the end of Sophomore year. In celebration, here are a couple of songs that helped me get through this long week of work.

“Stutter” – Maroon 5

Huge shout out to Laura LaBrecque, who led me to this beautiful piece of music by Maroon 5 that I somehow hadn’t heard until maybe two weeks ago. Adam Levine is the absolute best. Can I get  quick mulligan on my Maroon 5 top ten from a few weeks back?

“Ms. Jackson” – OutKast

How long was I writing this week? Forever. Forever ever? Forever ever. I’m sorry Ms. Professor, but I am too tired. Never meant to make your papers cry, I have been stressed a trillion times.

Yeah that just happened.

“Tell Me It’s Okay” – Paramore

True story, I didn’t know this song existed until yesterday when I looked up the touring setlist for Paramore. I get to go see them this upcoming Tuesday here in Boston. It’s little extra songs that don’t make the album, but are still incredible, like this that make me love Paramore. Just a few days now. *Insert heart eyes emoji*

“What a Shame” – Steely Dan

I listen to Steely Dan while doing work more than just about anything else in the world. This is including random sounds in my room or even my own thoughts. It’s actually quite the improvement. Give it a try. They are wordsmiths and funky as all creation.

“Family Business” – Kanye West

A week from today I will be back in Waverly with my friends and family. To say I am excited is an understatement. If you don’t understand, it’s just family business.