Tom Brady’s Suspension


By: Connor Lenahan

I have not read the Wells Report in full. I do not think that many people I know have. With this in mind, there at least is a little that we can take away from the aftermath of the Report. The Wells Report told of the findings into the investigation of the Patriots’ handling of game balls for the AFC Championship. The report concluded, albeit without certainty, that the league could be pretty sure that the balls were deflated below the limit allowed by the NFL and that Tom Brady probably knew about this.

I am not a court of law. My opinion on this matter has been set in stone more or less. I’m convinced that Brady not only knew but that the balls were absolutely deflated. To what degree is a separate discussion, but he broke the rule. Now, I am also in belief that this rule, and the “scandal” around it is more or less bullshit. Everyone I have talked to that would know about the difference made by deflating the balls, or looking at the quotes from other players tell me that this is being blown way out of proportion.

That said, he did break a rule. At least probably. Brady was suspended 4 games for his involvement. Here’s what’s going to happen next. Brady is going to appeal the suspension and it will most likely be lessened. He will probably get 1-2 games, but the suspension isn’t going away. The best decision for both sides is to reduce it, stay out of courtrooms, and move on. Best case scenario, the Patriots go 2-0 without Brady and get him back. Worst case he inherits an 0-2 team with fresh legs.

This story is far from over. But today we can at least sum up the following: Brady more or less deserves a suspension, but 4 games is too much.