Moving Is The Worst


By: Connor Lenahan

There are a few things I am good at in this world: writing every day, eating snacks, eating more snacks, playing Rock Band, watching Television, not being a werwolf, supervising others doing physical activity, eating while watching television, quoting movies, writing run-on sentences, and not moving. Today required a lot of moving. I was not exactly a fan.

I’m not even talking about the moving that is taking one’s things and transporting them to a different location. I’m talking about simply exerting any type of physical force. The strain on my fingers while typing this is enough exercise for the month. But today I had to move all the way across campus, back to my room for the summer in Kenmore Square. Thankfully I had some help thanks to BU housing and my girlfriend Laura, but the fact of the matter is that I still had to wake up at 7AM and I still haven’t showered. Something is very wrong with this picture.

I’m not exactly a “moving” person. My best self is achieved when I can lie in bed and watch Netflix. But nooooooooooo, I had to take my stuff all the way away from my comfortable room. Why? Because life isn’t fair. Now my hair is all dirty, I want a Pop Tart, and I am convinced it’s way later than it is. It’s not okay to have me wake up at 7AM after spending so much time with a 10AM alarm. That’s just evil. I’m convinced it’s midnight, despite the fact the sun is still setting in Boston.

Yeah, sure, the move went fine, but that’s not the point. The move shouldn’t happen. Some may call me lazy. Some might point out that this is incredibly accurate. I am not going to argue. That would be too much effort.

Highlight of my day today? The fact I don’t have to move again until August. At least not with boxes and whatnot. Tomorrow I have to get out of bed. Damn it all.

Fun thing I did find out this morning is that not only am I legally allowed to drive a U Haul van, but I can also drive one in Boston traffic without running anyone/anything over. If that’s not the definition of a moral victory then I don’t know what is.

Moving is the worst. But it’s over. We weathered the storm. For now.