David Letterman’s Last Show

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By: Connor Lenahan

I did not get to grow up watching David Letterman every night. It simply wasn’t possible for me to be up for his show each evening. I was a sleepy child. However, this has not hurt my appreciation of Letterman over time. The man regularly is responsible for some of the most entertaining interviews possible. With regards to his skills as a conversationalist, Letterman is unparalleled. Add in that he’s one of the best comedic minds of all time, and the man that completely changed how late night television exists today, and you have a living legend. In just a few hours David Letterman will take the stage one last time. It will end an incredible 33 year career as one of the most important figures in pop culture history. Letterman is truly the best, one that will be dearly missed. Tune in tonight – this will be a real event.