Summer School


By: Connor Lenahan

The past three mornings have had me wake up far earlier than I’d ever want to to attend my summer class at Boston University. What’s odd to me, and has been on my mind all week, has been how every kid used to dread the words “summer school.” That was a real way to get kids to right the ship and work harder. It put the worst kind of fear into you.

Now? When I went home for a week I found that the majority of my friends would be taking some form of summer class. The rest would be working. Maybe this is just a part of growing up. That would make sense after all. I never thought I would see the day I would want to take classes over the summer. Now I’m loving it. Save for my roommate Pat McKay, who has to knock out a difficult business class requirement, it seems like all my friends are happy with their choice thus far.

I guess this is growing up.