S’Moreos Report: Delicious


By: Connor Lenahan

Not long ago I wrote about the forthcoming release of S’Moreos on the world. With only days – days that seemed like decades – between the article and the release of these wonderful treats, I was elated to finally try them. Late last night after a mighty quest, I was finally able to try S’Moreos. And they were fucking great.

Whenever Oreo tries to come out with a new flavor there are simultaneous sensations of excitement and terror. For as many S’Moreos or Mega Stuf flavors they put out there are also Candy Corn and Watermelon flavors. However this is as great as news as possible. S’Moreos are as awesome as one would hope. Last night I ate almost an entire box by myself within a half hour. Tonight I will invariably do the same.

This is your official co-sign. Go acquire S’Moreos as fast as humanly possible.