NESN Next Producers

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By: Connor Lenahan

Last July I was approached by three girls – Brittney Badduke, Christina Beiene, and Kaley Roberts – to take part in a video project for a student filmmaking competition for NESN. I immediately agreed since I thought that it would be an easy, short term project. Something that would be fun and easy. I could not be happier to say I was totally wrong.

The project finally reached its end today. Months ago I wrote about their wonderful video that they made about me and how well they treated me. Today was the finale of the competition and it is my absolute joy to say that Brittney, Christina, and Kaley won the entire thing. They absolutely deserved it too. They worked their assess off for months to make an incredible video, and then another incredible video – which can be watched here and is far better than the original – to win. These three are wonderful people. I could not be happier to call all of them friends and winners.

Now we take some much needed time off. Maybe in a month or so we will get working on the sequel. I can’t wait.


PS: Happy birthday to my cousin Katie, who promised to kill me if I didn’t give her a happy birthday wish on Unbreakable.