Iggy Can’t Sell Out


By: Connor Lenahan

There are times where I will sit back and wonder if all the criticism and hate dropped on Iggy Azalea is warranted and fair. She’s just trying to be a success. The bad news is that she isn’t very good and wins awards that should be held by other artists and had the biggest song of 2014 because Drake, Kendrick, and Kanye were planning their next move. Iggy Azalea isn’t exactly evil, but there’s just something fun and right about rooting against her.

Today’s news brought reports that Iggy will no longer be going on her stadium tour this summer. The release of this news was written without revealing why exactly Iggy wasn’t going to embark on her journey. Well, we know the reason, and it’s a bit of glee for anyone that takes solace in Iggy’s demise.

Iggy’s tour was supposed to hit stadiums around the country – LA’s Staples Center and Boston’s TD Garden among them. This means she would be drawing over 15,000 people a night in theory. I add “in theory” because, despite having tickets available for months, Iggy wasn’t coming close to selling out any of the venues. I’m talking half the Staples Center tickets being available levels of availability. This is what we call “not a good sign.”

Now Iggy is going to record and release another album and try the touring thing again. In the meantime, anyone anti-Azalea can rejoice. The battle has been won.