Monthly Archive: May, 2015

Summer School

By: Connor Lenahan The past three mornings have had me wake up far earlier than I’d ever want to to attend my summer class at Boston University. What’s odd to me, and has… Continue reading

David Letterman’s Last Show

By: Connor Lenahan I did not get to grow up watching David Letterman every night. It simply wasn’t possible for me to be up for his show each evening. I was a sleepy… Continue reading

Lol Knicks

By: Connor Lenahan Tonight at the NBA Draft Lottery the New York Knicks had the second best chance to win the number one overall selection. It seemed like the Knicks were set to… Continue reading

Moving Is The Worst

By: Connor Lenahan There are a few things I am good at in this world: writing every day, eating snacks, eating more snacks, playing Rock Band, watching Television, not being a werwolf, supervising… Continue reading


  By: Connor Lenahan GUYS. S’MOREOS. ARE. REAL. Buzzfeed confirmed it today, on May 22nd you will be able to go to your local grocery store and either purchase a package of S’mores… Continue reading

Second Summer

By: Connor Lenahan I promise I don’t hate my hometown. I just really love Boston. To the surprise of absolutely no one, I’ll be back up at Boston University again this summer. In… Continue reading

500 Days

Today is a day I have been working towards for more than a year. My original inspiration for Unbreakable, outside of a desire to do some blogging as a way to keep my… Continue reading

Harry Shearer Walks

By: Connor Lenahan I’m holding out the hope that this story will be rendered completely meaningless in the coming days and weeks. As it stands today Harry Shearer, voice actor for Mr. Burns,… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan 2011’s Limitless provided one of the most fascinating movie plots I’ve ever come across. Bradley Cooper played a man that discovered a miracle drug that allowed him to unlock the ultimate potential… Continue reading

Happy 70th Thomas

By: Connor Lenahan Last year I got to write one of my favorite articles ever, Trains, detailing my love for Thomas the Tank Engine. What’s frightening to me is that the world’s favorite tank… Continue reading