Golden Buzzer


By: Connor Lenahan

Who feels up to a good cry? Get prepared, because I’m already sniffling. America’s Got Talent has occasionally made its way into my regular viewing schedule thanks to Howard Stern being a judge and some acts that will transcend the show and end up in my feeds one way or another. The latter was the case this week when I saw Drew Lynch’s comedy performance on the show this week.

Drew Lynch suffers from a medically induced stutter due to a softball injury. He has had to change his life significantly, including taking up comedy. To be funny is hard enough – I try and fail daily – and to be funny for a crowd is another monster entirely. To do it with a significant impairment to one’s voice is unbelievable. Drew Lynch happens to kill it.

His back story and his ability to change his own self perception is enough that I started getting misty eyed. To see Howie Mandel, clearly moved by the performance and the story that Drew brought, give him the special Golden Buzzer – putting him into the live portion of the program immediately, is incredible.

Now I’m crying again. Let’s go Drew. This kid is awesome.