Homer and Marge 4 Ever


By: Connor Lenahan

Fear not, your trusty neighborhood Simpsons fanatic is here to strike down any fears about America’s most iconic family. News came out the other day via Simpsons executive producer Al Jean that Homer and Marge will legally separate in the season premiere this fall.

Now, I want to stop all your crying by reminding you that this is a one night only deal. Actually, it’s not the first time that the duo has broken up. Season 8’s “A Mulhouse Divided” had Homer get divorced from Marge in order to remarry her. That happened, and 19 years later they are as strong as ever. Within the show their marriage has been tested numerous times with the home being complete and whole by the finish. There’s no need for riots.

Frankly, I’m actually a little excited for this. Hear me out. The Simpsons has been running for over two and a half decades. The biggest complaint about the show in 2015 is that the stories don’t seem as fresh as they did in seasons 2-10, when the show had it’s untouchable run.

Well, of course it’s not. Shows run out of steam well before 500 episodes, let alone as they’re nearing 600. This is fairly uncharted territory for The Simpsons, or at least less well represented than, say, “Homer gets a new job,” which comprises roughly 30% of the series.

Now, if the complaints about this story idea were based around the fact that Homer will not only legally separate from Marge but then fall for his pharmacist, played by Lena Dunham, then that’s a whole different conversation. Like many other guest stars in pivotal roles, Dunham’s acting will be what either sells this story or destroys it. I’m prone to believing the former will happen. She seems like the type of person to take the role seriously as opposed to Lady Gaga, who helped make “Lisa Goes Gaga” into the worst episode of the series thus far.

However, selfishly I am excited for this story for another reason. People are talking about The Simpsons far and wide yet again. It is my time to shine. The nerds are running the asylum. And I for one welcome our new insect overlords.

All of this said, never forget that Marge and Homer are the parents we all share, and they are going nowhere. The ride might be bumpy, but it’ll be smooth in hindsight. Homer + Marge = 4 Ever.