The Mythbusters are the Best


By: Connor Lenahan

I’ve got a scientific phenomenon for the Mythbusters to figure out. How come every time I have real stuff to do, whether it be for work or school, suddenly something pops into my life and distracts me from it. I have two major grades in the next two days for my summer class, but nooooooooo, WatchMojo has to go and give me a top 10 Mythbusters episodes list. Now I want – strike that, need – to go watch all of those episodes again because, as everyone knows, Mythbusters is some of the most addictive television of all time. It’s crazily entertaining and much like Yogi Bear, smarter than the average. This is not hyperbole – I remember more about science from watching Adam and Jamie blow things up than I do from any of my science classes from preschool on. This isn’t a slight to my teachers, rather proof that schools should really encourage more explosions to hammer home those periodic tables. Seriously, wouldn’t you be able to name what the 34th element was if there were pyrotechnics? You’re damn right you would.

Where was I? Oh, right, Mythbusters are wonderful and evil. Off to “study” and then find every single episode.