Love Won


By: Connor Lenahan

Today is a day that will live forever in American history. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an amazing day for the United States and proponents of equality all over the world. I was confident that in my lifetime I would get to see same-sex marriage legalized country wide. However, I cynically thought that we would still be years out as, before today, only 36 of 50 states had it legal.

Today the country takes one of its most progressive and important steps in our shared history. While I am not personally a member of the community that gains a civil right today, I too will stand and applaud along side them as close friends of mine have received a right they absolutely deserve. Equality is what we strove for in the creation of our nation and today was a gargantuan step forward towards reaching true equality.

Feel good today, for this is a beautiful day for many. Love won.