Come Back, Jack, Do It Again


By: Connor Lenahan

Yesterday was awesomely weird. I mean, here I am eating pretzels in my bed watching television while suddenly a kid that I go to school with is being drafted to play pro hockey. This is something I shouldn’t exactly be shocked about by now – my buddy Matt O’Connor signed with the Senators a month ago – but it’s still odd nonetheless. 

For those unaware, Boston University prodigy Jack Eichel was picked second overall by the Buffalo Sabres. This was a fairly foregone conclusion. Aside from Connor McDavid, the #1 pick, Eichel was the best player in the world last year. He won the Hobey Baker and helped BU come within a goal of winning every trophy possible this past season. Now he’s potentially on his way to the big time.

On behalf of everyone at BU, please Jack, please, come back for your sophomore year. To quote Terrier coach David Quinn, watching Eichel play is like “watching Secretariat.” It’s otherworldly. I don’t pretend to know the finer points of hockey, but Eichel is LeBron-esque. He makes a difference that’s visible sans context.

Further, Eichel makes an already incredible BU team into a juggernaut. Without him we have a fairly great chance to make the Frozen Four. With him we have a chance to make history.

One more year, it’s all I ask. Regardless, we all are Sabers and Senators fans now. Watching our own prosper will never not be fun.

…but please, one more year.