The Guitar Throne


By: Connor Lenahan

Not all that long ago Dave Grohl, lead singer and guitarist for the Foo Fighters, broke his leg after falling off stage during a concert. That wasn’t exactly a good thing – broken legs never are. Grohl went and immediately got his leg as set up as possible so he could come back out and finish that show. However, the severity of the injury was just enough that the Foos needed to cancel some shows. #Sadface.

This was terrifying for me given that I will be seeing them live in under two weeks. I need this show dammit. Please tell me they figured out how Dave was going to make it through so the US tour would be unaffected.

I give you The Guitar Throne. Drawing it’s inspiration from Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne, Dave Grohl sits center stage, cast and all, with a custom seat, leg holder, and lighting rig all around him. In a weird sort of way, this injury may have made the live show more entertaining. Think about it, the Foo Fighters are probably the biggest rock band in the world with only, like, The Black Keys coming anywhere close. Should there be a metaphorical, or in this case real, throne of guitars for the leader of the entirety of Rock to take then Grohl would be the man in charge without question. Seeing him in his rightful throne is, again, oddly fitting.

Further from that, it’s so funny to watch Dave Grohl, usually one of the most lively stage performers, sit in his chair for the songs when you know he’d be running around like a kid on christmas morning after two espressos and a box of Pixie Stix.

The show goes on with the newly crowned King Grohl sitting front and center. If anybody needs me, I’m going to be making my own throne of keyboards and Oreos.