Connor Vs. The Sun


By: Connor Lenahan

Once again, my cockiness is my downfall. If you were to refer to yesterday’s article about my brother Cary and his losing battle on the beach against a stingray you would find that I too have been enjoying the ocean as of late. When down surrounded by beach it’s hard not to, even with the wheelchair. I haven’t been in the ocean in years until this week.

That’s where the problems stemmed from. See, I’m 50% Irish and fairly fair skinned. My brother Chase is notorious for burning to a crisp within minutes of being in the sun without sunblock. I, weirdly, haven’t had as much of an issue. My forearms actually tan, somehow. I figured that my back would probably do the same and completely ignored to put on sunscreen for a dip in the sea.


Welp, that was not a good idea. Right now I’m pinker than a medium cooked hamburger. I am so sunburnt I look like Magenta from Blue’s Clues. I’ve been mistaken for a cooked lobster. My family has begun to call me Sebastian after the crab in The Little Mermaid. I am really, really sunburned – that’s the point.

I’ll save you the visuals only because owwwwwwwww. It’s bad, really bad. I have absolutely learned a lesson.

Yesterday I made a joke that a Lenahan had been injured on this trip and it wasn’t me. Oops.