By: Connor Lenahan

If you are unfamiliar with the Minions, then welcome to Earth. No, they aren’t our new overlords, but that’s also not the furthest thing from the truth either. The Minions were born from the Despicable Me franchise and ran away with it. Seriously I saw each of those movies and can barely remember any of the plot that didn’t revolve around the Minions in some way or another.

These might also count as some of the most hated movie characters in history. This is relatively understandable – again, they’re everywhere. No seriously, everywhere. It can be a tad bit annoying to watch these three characters above dominate the universe despite the fact that they are seen as overexposed and intolerable. The fact that they all speak their own language – mainly gibberish with bits of real Spanish, English, and French thrown in – probably doesn’t help their case.

I am not in that camp. I’m in on the Minions. Only because I can’t get over how stupidly charming they are. They just make me laugh. Should they be everywhere? Probably not, but there are worse things in the world than these creatures. I saw Minions, their new movie, earlier this afternoon. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it a lot. Was it groundbreaking? Of course not. Was it a nice way to get out of 90+ degree weather? Absolutely.

Also, given the fact the tic-tac like beings grossed over $100 million this weekend there’s no use fighting them. May as well enjoy them for what they’ve got.