Advanced Stupid



By: Connor Lenahan

By now it should be fairly apparent that I am kind of an idiot. I’m not saying I’m completely beyond saving – at least I hope so – but I have my moments of stupidity on a fairly often basis. And I’m not talking about your average stupid, I’m talking advanced stupid.


As has become slightly regular here on Unbreakable I have written about my twice a year IV treatment to help with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. In and out in under an hour, not even all that painful a needle poke, and we are all good until the trees are changing color. After a few hoops that needed jumping through – insurance approvals here, scheduling snafus there – we were all set for my infusion to be today at 7:30AM.

When the time came for me to be sitting and receiving my very helpful infusion I was thankfully right there in the chair ready for it.

Just kidding, I was asleep.

Here’s a problem I have had for years: Whenever I go on vacation I inevitably lose track of the numerical date. I flew to North Carolina to meet my family on July 3rd. Past the holiday I had no idea what date it was. I wasn’t in charge of reservations or anything, it was all days of the week to me. My parents drove me to the airport this past weekend, therefore I didn’t even need to know what particular day I was flying. I totally lost count and forgot that July 13th was the infusion day.

I don’t think I realized until, like, mid-afternoon today that I had completely missed on the appointment. To be fair to me, the hospital didn’t give me a reminder call anywhere near the infusion. Then again, I slept through the thing, so I’m not exactly in a spot to criticize.

I made a frantic call to the hospital to see if I could salvage my date at all. The last time that I had to reschedule it was a two and a half week move within two days of the appointment. Thankfully they gave me a better appointment that I already had: Friday afternoon over early Monday morning.

None of this changes the fact that I should probably be bumped back to kid scissors for the time being. Maybe put the guardrails back on my bed for a bit. So help me if I end up spilling something this I’m getting a sippy cup. I am dumb.