Unbreakable Podcast – Laura LaBrecque: 8/1/15


By: Connor Lenahan

Look, I’m an optimistic person and an ambitious one at that. Look around you and you’ll see something that I’ve worked myself into doing because, honestly, more or less, I was bored. Now I not only write constantly but tried out the Unbreakable Podcast last week and got shockingly positive reception to it.

I cannot thank you enough for just letting me be my crazy self and have fun with this. Any time someone reads or listens to the podcast I am happier than I could express. The fact that some people actually enjoy it? Words can’t express. It’s really a dream come true moment.

Thank you to everyone that checked out the first Unbreakable Podcast, and Unbreakable for that matter, and we hope that you’ll stick with us as we continue to have some fun with this. If you want to be on the podcast, or have suggestions for us, email me at UnbreakablePodcast@gmail.com and follow us at @UnbreakablePod on Twitter.

This week’s episode of the Unbreakable Podcast brings my girlfriend Laura LaBrecque into Studio 218 to talk about awkward Uber drivers, seeing Steely Dan in concert, who would be on our concert bucket lists, and more. This was a really, really fun one to record. Hopefully you enjoy!