Brady vs. Manning


By: Connor Lenahan

Today has brought some of the most entertaining reading since the Sony hack last winter. Due to the ongoing NFL-Tom Brady lawsuit the documents involved with the case have been released to the public. Know what that means? We get to poke around in Tom Brady’s email inbox for a while. It’s fairly entertaining, and if you want a selection of highlights then Deadspin has you covered.

I don’t want to talk about DeflateGate. No, I want to talk about the best of the emails that came out of this investigation.

Complex pulled the following out of the massive information dump. Brady was apparently emailing back to a family member/friend about a Bill Simmons article from Grantland about both his and Peyton Manning’s careers.

Then Brady threw unbelievable amounts of shade at Peyton.


For the longest time the two have maintained that their rivalry is more of a friendly competition. Maybe this is just me hyping it for the sake of hyping it, but damn Tom. I also don’t think he’s wrong, Manning probably only does have a season or two left – four neck surgeries do that to you. Brady doesn’t slow down all that much, but 7 years is a stretch for a guy that just turned 38.

But that’s a strong shot at Peyton nonetheless. His polite way to shut down any talk that Manning is better. Or at least I hope. Look, this could be the best football rivalry of the year again, let’s hope this blows up.