Trumbo and The Hateful Eight


By: Connor Lenahan

Today brought two movie trailers straight from this fall’s Oscar season – one I knew about, the other I didn’t. The former was The Hateful Eight, better known as the next film by the legendary Quentin Tarantino. Like most people I am of the belief that Tarantino is one of, if not the, best directors working today and of all time. His last effort was Django Unchained, which was fantastic, and made for his seventh great film in a row. The Hateful Eight is about strangers having to trust one another amidst a blizzard while someone may be lying about their identity.

Look, it’s Tarantino, it’s going to be good? What else do you need?

The second movie I only just found out about this morning. Bryan Cranston, the glorious man that he is, will be starring as a black listed screenwriter during the 1940’s. Plus the supporting cast – Louis CK, John Goodman, Diane Lane, Helen Mirren – is entirely stacked. Not only does this look like a way for an underratedly hilarious Cranston to flex his comedic chops, but looks to be a fairly solid movie on top of that. Count me in for Trumbo.