Tracy Morgan Returning to SNL


By: Connor Lenahan

Tracy Morgan is one of the funniest actors that has ever graced the screen or stage. His performances in Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock more than confirm this. However, as you likely know, Tracy was nearly killed and seriously injured in a car crash last year. This was one of the saddest stories possible as Tracy is by all means a great guy. He wasn’t a guy that deserved any hardship, let alone the hardship that faced in the past year.

Thankfully things are looking up now. Tracy was announced as the host for the October 17th episode of Saturday Night Live. The fact he will be hosting is a great enough sign that he must be doing better. We need Tracy Morgan back in our lives. I need him back in my life.

There’s nothing else I can add to this than I’m happy. Any progress is a good thing at this point, and I just like that someone I love to watch is getting better. If you needed a pick-me-up today, this should work.