Birthday Trips


By: Connor Lenahan

The above photo is my family on vacation last summer in Dublin. We are still in the United States as I write this, but we have all come up to New York City this weekend to celebrate some birthdays. As I wrote earlier this week on Unbreakable, I get to celebrate my monumental 21st birthday with my parents, brothers, and girlfriend both at home and in NYC.

We also get to celebrate my mom’s “29th birthday” here in the city today. As everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting or interacting with my mom  knows she is a leading candidate for sainthood on her dinner creations alone. I could very easily go on for thousands of words about how she’s the best mom that anyone has ever had, but she’d be too concerned about my fingers breaking.

This is a special trip as not only have I gotten to see my family for a few days – something that’s been rendered largely impossible by my working in Boston for another summer – but because I get to celebrate this day with my mom in a city we both love. Better yet, she gets to delay giving me back to Boston until next week when she helps me move into my dorm.

Shoutout to the best mom in the history of momming, Kristin Lenahan, and let’s go get you some cake.