National Dog Day = The Best Day


By: Connor Lenahan

I am a dog guy. How could anyone not be? Look at how cuddly they are almost universally. Today was National Dog Day and it made for one of the more entertaining days to be on Instagram ever. All day long people were posting cute photos of their puppies for all to see. But one thing remains the same today as it is every day. Candy Bob Lenahan is the greatest dog ever, of all time.

Candy Bob is our six year old golden doodle who basically lives the life of a prince. Seriously, he takes naps all day, eats exclusively salmon (due to a laundry list of allergies, but like, still), demands attention at all time – and gets it, and does nothing but be cute and cuddly all the time.


Look at this majestic creature! Not only do my parents come up with increasingly large regal titles for him – Arch Duke of Waverly Candy Robert I – but they give him anything they want. I’m not kidding I say my parents love him more than me. I have no issue with this, because I too hold him in higher regard. When he shakes your paw it’s more amazing than anything in the world. No offense.


Shoutout to the best dog in the universe. It’s not his birthday, but in a way every day is. Who’s a good boy? Candy Bob is a good boy.