The Final Weekend


By: Connor Lenahan

Outside of everyone I know moving back into college this weekend there is another reason to love that this weekend is coming to a close. Today marks the end of the weekend. Tomorrow begins the first week that ends with football. Not preseason stuff, not practices – real football.

Okay, well, the NFL is still in the preseason for 11 more days, but College Football will be back. Penn State plays at Temple to kick off their season next weekend. This means that I’ll actually have something to do beside play Madden in my room.

Look, you do not understand how badly I need football. This is getting crazy. I need some football and I need it bad. The fact that after this weekend I’ll be set up until February is the happiest thing I can think of. Because football season begets basketball season, and then Connor is a happy Connor.

Merry almost football season everyone!