Monthly Archive: August, 2015

Birthday Trips

By: Connor Lenahan The above photo is my family on vacation last summer in Dublin. We are still in the United States as I write this, but we have all come up to… Continue reading

Oreos Can Do No Wrong

By: Connor Lenahan I’d like to officially offer Oreo the opportunity to sponsor Unbreakable. I don’t even care about getting paid, just give me cookies. I am more than happy with that as… Continue reading

Kelvin Goes Down

By: Connor Lenahan You know it’s the NFL season when injuries start rolling in from the preseason. Sure, Arian Foster was already injured in time to be documented on the first episode of… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan I have the best friends in the world. Period. Today was going to be a monumental birthday regardless of anything. This is the biggest one for a while – 21st.… Continue reading

Tracy Morgan Returning to SNL

By: Connor Lenahan Tracy Morgan is one of the funniest actors that has ever graced the screen or stage. His performances in Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock more than confirm this. However, as you… Continue reading

Unbreakable Podcast – Mary Chuff: 8/16/15

By: Connor Lenahan Normally I take my Saturday and record the Unbreakable Podcast with whomever the guest is for that week. However, yesterday was the best holiday of all, and the ensuing party… Continue reading

Merry Draftmas

By: Connor Lenahan Today is, was, and forever will be my favorite holiday. Not my birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Leif Ericsson Day, Halloween, or Easter – Draft Day was today for the XFL, the… Continue reading

Home, Sweet Home

By: Connor Lenahan I love Boston as much as, well, basically more than anyone else I know that goes to school in the city. I just never leave. Since I moved into my… Continue reading

My Anniversary with Laura

By: Connor Lenahan I’m a big guy for anniversaries, at least in that I remember them a lot. Mainly stupid ones really. This November I’ll be having a small party to commemorate the… Continue reading

Trumbo and The Hateful Eight

By: Connor Lenahan Today brought two movie trailers straight from this fall’s Oscar season – one I knew about, the other I didn’t. The former was The Hateful Eight, better known as the next… Continue reading