Never Forget, 14 Years


By: Connor Lenahan

Around this time 14 years ago I walked home from my 1st grade class to my house across the street. Shortly upon walking in, the 7-year-old Connor of that day saw the news on our living room television.

The Twin Towers had been attacked. Even as a child I could tell something was wrong. I can’t pinpoint when exactly the magnitude of that day hit me – both from a human level and a societal one.

It’s incredible to me that I’ve now lived two thirds of my life after the attacks of September 11th, 2001. This is because that day is the only thing other than broken bones I can remember about that moment in time. This is exaggeration, as I remember being a little kid, but the level of which I can vividly remember seeing the news is astonishing. I was confused, but more concerning, so were the adults around me.

I’m not sure there will ever be a September 11th that passes in which I won’t write some variation of this article. On a day so etched into our collective memory, I’m not sure anyone else will be unable to remember it.

It remains a tragedy today that so many families lost members on this day. Thoughts and prayers are with those families permanently. But most importantly, we must never forget this day as the landmark tragedy on American soil. Never Forget 9/11/01.