No, Seriously, I Will Pay Anything to See Idris Elba as James Bond


By: Connor Lenahan

Idris Elba is the man. If you didn’t already know this you do now. The once and forever Stringer Bell is one of the best actors alive and working today and you’d be hard pressed to find a single role he was bad in. The aforementioned Stringer Bell is not only my favorite character on The Wire, but one of my favorite characters in fiction – film, television, book, and anything else. Elba also popped up on Unbreakable a week or so ago given that his lead role in Netflix/Cary Joji Fukunaga’s Beasts of No Nation has him very well in this year’s conversation for the Oscar for Best Actor.

But there’s another conversation that we need to solidify. I’ve even written about this is the past – Idris Elba needs to be James Bond. There is not an actor working that could play this role any better and I will fight anyone that says differently.

Vulture just recently made the strongest case for Idris Bond by recutting a Spectre trailer with footage from Elba’s other roles.

Watch below because I will be dropping a billionty dollars to see this movie.