The Splat is Coming


By: Connor Lenahan

Isn’t technology the best? I mean, seriously, how could I have spent half of my life without the Internet as it exists now? I was born in 1994, but it was after I turned ten that things really took off. Facebook came around then and iPhones three years later.

Now that I’m 21 I’m getting overwhelmingly excited about cartoons. I know, I know, it should not be surprising by now that I’m getting excited about something that’s intended for children – see: all of my articles on Thomas the Tank Engine. But this is seriously going to be revolutionary. The Splat is coming.

If you have lived and breathed in the last three decades you will recognize the orange abstract above as the logo for Nickelodeon. You likely are starting to conjure an image of what this show will be, and you’re largely right.

The golden age of cartoons was in the 90’s. Doug, Hey Arnold, Rocko’s Modern Life, Angry Beavers, RUGRATS.. seriously this era was stacked before we get to Rocket Power. The Splat will be bringing all this and more back into your life.

There are multiple ways in which this glorious creation will exist. First will be a late night block on Nick from 10PM-6AM. This is especially exciting to a night owl like me that loves marathon watching things. But The Splat will also exist online, further proving that this is the best news in history.

I don’t have many more details for you other than this, but it does premiere on October 5th. Are you crying? Because I am.

The Splat is coming.