Oscars, Here I Come


By: Connor Lenahan

A couple of weeks ago a notice went out to Boston University students that an open casting call would be held for a university commercial. After a few of my friends told me that I should do it – and my general willingness to do anything for a story – I tried out for the commercial.

Well, today I got to film it. Because, as always, nothing in my life makes sense, so I was picked to be in the ad. Today we assembled in the GSU to film the new spot. I have no idea when the commercial will be done, but apparently they’ve been doing extensive filming for days. Today was my opportunity to force everything to go wrong. Or so I thought.

The shoot lasted an hour and a half and was extremely fun. Who knew I could act? I can’t, unless you count lying, which if the case makes me better than Leo DiCaprio.

Look out for the commercial coming somewhere in the future. And look out for me accepting my Oscar even sooner.

(I can’t win an Oscar for a commercial? Oh son of a…)