Matt O’Connor: The Pro


By: Connor Lenahan

This article is fairly simple, for whenever something happens for my buddy Matt O’Connor I feel the need to share the good news. The most read article on Unbreakable is the Open Letter to Matt O’Connor I wrote after the National Championship game this spring. It was after that game that Matt’s career was able to really take off. Matt did not have that game end as he’d have liked, but he was still signed by the Ottawa Senators to play for them.

Last night Matt got his first start in goal in the NHL. It sadly came in a loss to the Montreal Canadiens, but the final score is the furthest thing from my mind. What I care about is that someone I am proud to call my friend got to live out his dream and play an NHL game. That alone is as rare an experience as any. I couldn’t be happier.

Now for the fun part, for hopefully this will be the first of many starts for the Senators for Matt. Time for me to get a jersey.